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Circle the best option from A, B, C or D to fill in the blanks in the following sentences:
He never stopped______________ until his last minute of life. work B. to be working C. working D. to have worked
2. I hurried____________I wouldn’t be late for class.
A.since that C. as if D. unless
3. + Would you like some bread ?
- ________. I’m rather hungry.
A. No, I wouldn’t B. No, thanks C. Yes, I like D. Yes, please
4. There are_______________good programms on TV that I rarely watch it.
A. such few B. such little C. so few D. so little
5. It’s important that he_____________the book for me.
A. finds B. will find C. found D. find
6. Let’s go somewhere for a drink,___________?
A. shall we B. do we C. will you D. do you
7. This is the place ______________I was born and lived during my childhood.
A. in where B. which C. in which D. in that
8. The fish tastes_____________. I won’t eat it.
A. awful B. awfully C. more awfully D. as awful
9.She____________the information she wanted in her reference books.
A.looked after B. looked up C. took out D. took up
10. Nguyen Du was one of the most brilliant poets in Vietnamese____________.
A. history B. independence C. culture D. literature
11. There was no news;_____________, she went on hoping.
A. moreover B. in other words C. nevertheless D. otherwise
12. It took them ages to_____________the fire.
A. put out B. put off C. take off D. take up
13. + Can you tell me when________________is?
_ Yes. It’s on the third Sunday in June.
Mother’s Day B. Father’s Day
C. Tree Planting Day D. Thanksgiving Day
14. He has just got an interesting_______________in a textile company.
A. work B. job C.occupation D.employment
15. There are 50______________in the talent contest.
A. competitors B. examinees C. customers D. interviewees
Question 1: Choose the word in each group that has the underlined, bold part pronouced differently from the rest.
1.A coped B. thanked C. judged D. washed
2. A. three B.though C. than D. them
3. A. tobacco B. golden C. appropriate D. solid
Question 2:Choose the word whose stress pattern is differently from that of the other three.
1. A. gather B.unique C. locate
2. A. accomplishement B. environment C. experience D. satisfaction
Question 1 : Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
I have recently taken up cooking as a hobby. A lot (1)______________________ my friends find this very amusing as I am not very (2) ________________________ at it yet. It’s much (3)_____________________ difficult (4) ______________________. I thought it was. There are so (5)____________________things to remember to do and it’s very easy to (6) _______________________mistakes. Last week I invited several people round so I could try out a new (7)_______________________. Everything was ready in the kitchen, so I relaxed with my guests and we (8) ________________________a drink. But I’m not (9)______________________ to giving dinner parties and i suddenly remembered that the chicken was still in the freezer. We had to wait two hours (10) ____________________dinner.
Question 2 :Read the message and decide which is the best answer by circling the letter A, B, C, or D next to the word you choose.
Revising for the exam is not as easy as it looks. You will need to work out which method suits
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